A large part of Tim's long success record (32 consecutive years of training) can be attributed to training for specific events both in powerlifting and bodybuilding. He believes to acheive success you must have definate goals, without a plan for success you're destined to fail. Another unique aspect of Tim's training techniques is to involve a large group of people aspiring toward the same goal. Not only does this teach others his methods all together, but it's also easier to train in a group making hard work a lot more fun. These are only a few of the events we've been to, with more to come soon!


Location: 510A N. Greensboro St., Liberty, NC. 27298

Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-9pm Saturday 11am-3pm Sunday 1-3pm

Contact us: (336)622-3886 kingsgym@triad.rr.com