Tim King- Owner/operator of King's Gym. Tim has been competing for over 34 years. Twenty six of these, competitively powerlifting, twenty years competitively bodybuilding. He has coached teenage and master’s lifters for 19 world teams representing the United States. Tim judged for the NPC (National Physique Committee) for seven years. Tim’s fun and motivational approach to fitness training is what makes his style so successful, leading many to reform from drug addiction, depression, and obesity.
Dianna King - Owner/operator of King's Gym. Dianna's been in gyms for over 21 years, after training at King's Gym in Asheboro 10 years ago she decided that powerlifting was for her." The heavy weight sculpts my figure, being small boned nothing else gave me any shape".Wife of Tim King they enjoy working out together and helping others.

Location: 510A N. Greensboro St., Liberty, NC. 27298

Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-9pm Saturday 11am-3pm Sunday 1-3pm

Contact us: (336)622-3886 kingsgym@triadbiz.rr.com

Sirena Lundsford - Owner of King's Gym. Sirena is Dianna's daughter. She started working out at King's gym in Asheboro when she was 14. She holds a degree in sports science at the North Carolina University in Chapel Hill and is currently a Physical Therapist Assistant at Forsyth Medical Center in the Whitaker Rehab Center, Winston Salem.
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