.Overall everyone seemed to have a great time! Several state records were set, some of which are as follows; Brad Hodgin in the Jr's. 165lb. class set a record for a 525lb squat, a 275lb bench, and a 475lb. deadlift.. Dianna King beat her previous record with a 350lb deadlift in the 123lb Women's Open and Master's Other great lifts are pictured below....
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Brad Hodgin in the 185lb weight class smokes a 475lb. deadlift. Dennis Allison in the 198lb open men's weight class attempts 400lbs.nd Jerry Walters placed first in the Master's Men 181lb weight class. Gary Staley, 220lb. weight class, Open Menattempts a 610lb. squat.
Gary Ruiz and Mike Brown warming up before the next lifts. Ha Ha!
Fatima Enriquez easily lifts 250lbs at her first ever powerlifting competition. Jerry Walter's deadlifting 465lbs. in the 181lb., Open Men's class.
Leticia Gonzalez in the 165lb. weight class on her second attempt of 250lbs.
Dennis Allison, 220lb weight, at his third attempt of 675lbs. Go Poodie!
Mark Lowe 242lb. class attempts a 475lb. squat.
Nicholas Nickerson at his first attempt of 225lbs. in the 275lb. weight class teenage men.
A gut-wrenching 350lb. deadlift Dianna King broke her previous state records in the Open Women and Master's Women, 123lb. weight class. Mike Brown gets a 415lb. deadlift in the181lb. Open Men's weight class. Great Job!!
Tim King (right) on his last attempt an incredible 535lb. squat in the 198lb weight class, Master's 50 and up. Tim King (right) on his 2nd. attempt an easy 500lb. deadlift in the 198lb weight class, Master's 50 and up.
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